Get to know Celeste!

Get to know Celeste!

So many of you have been asking about our models so we've decided to have some fun by asking some of your questions, starting with one of your faves...Celeste!


Find out the Truth!   Myths and urban legends about the LGBT community are set "straight"!  
What was your 1st time like?   This is where we come together to share coming out stories, make eye contact from across the room, and where true friendships are born.    
We heart Bridgette.  She's been in quite a few of our fashion shows as well as some fun social media photoshoots.  She's also a loyal Dapper Boi customer, fan and really just an awesome, down-to-earth human being in general.We LOVE our loyal customers and we LOVE receiving feedback on our produc...

Long Hair? Don't Care.

Written By & Pictured Above:  Yamille Bassi Dapper Boi Social Media Intern   Eighteen. That’s how old I was when I admitted to myself that I was gay for the first time. Having gone to catholic high school and elementary school, it was engrained in me from a very young age that being gay was...