• Model Bridgette In Her Jeans

    We heart Bridgette.  She's been in quite a few of our fashion shows as well as some fun social media photoshoots.  She's also a loyal Dapper Boi customer, fan and really just an awesome, down-to-earth human being in general.
    We LOVE our loyal customers and we LOVE receiving feedback on our products, so we thought we'd start interviewing people and sharing with you all.  Who better to start with than Bridgette!  

    Here goes!
    1.  What is your favorite way to wear DB jeans?

    Cuffed, with either flip flops while walking on the beach or wearing
    my fav biker boots as I ride up the coast with the ocean breeze.

    2.  What inspires you?

    I’m inspired by positive forward thinking, success from within one’s
    self, and the ability to fail forward.

    3.  What is the perfect Friday night?

    An easy walk under the sunset after dinner;  a glass or two of wine in
    the hot tub, a soothing warm oil massage to sustain the mood, and a
    cozy nap followed by a sexually delightful wake up in the middle of
    the night.

    4.  What is your favorite way to wear your DB jeans (with button up,
    shoes, etc)?

    I love to wear my DB jeans with my DB “V” Neck T, my snap back and a
    pair of funky boots to compliment the funky DB seam and bowtie.

    5.  What compliments have you received on your Dapper Boi jeans?

    The way they hug my big round “ass” the cool bowtie at the cuff, the
    sexy dark blue denim, and the all-around look in everything I wear
    them with…

    LOVE LOVE LOVE, thanks Bridgette!  

    Interested in being featured?  Send us an email with a pic of you in your Dapper Boi swag to

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  • Men Dig Our Jeans Too!

    Yes, our initial target audience is the androgynous woman, but we are starting to really find more and more men loving our jeans! Check out a couple of our friends in our slim straight jeans!  
    Also, we had an event at one of our favorite retail spots in Hillcrest, San Diego!   The craziest part was that right off the bat, three men came in and tried on our jeans...and they LOVED them!  In fact, they tried to take them imediately to the counter to buy them!  We had to chase after them to tell them they weren't for sale yet! LOL.  Check out our time at Mankind below!

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