The Dapper Boi Movement - backup

Since our appearance on Shark Tank back in April we’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection. We’ve been forced to grapple with critiques. While we’ve taken many of them to heart, and we’re grateful for the learning opportunity, there are two criticisms that just don’t sit well with us:  

  • We’re just another clothing company 
  • We need to stay in our LGBTQ+ niche 

It’s hard to run a successful family-owned business, but it’s even harder when people still don’t understand that what we’re trying to accomplish goes beyond clothing. We’re not just trying to change the way we view fashion, we’re trying to change the way we view each other. We are all people, beyond labels and categories. The cultural biases that divide us impact each of us individually and they shape entire industries. 



That’s why we’re beyond excited to share this video with you. This video is more than just a return to our fun, lighthearted roots. It’s a declaration: Dapper Boi is for everyone, regardless of body type, style preference, or gender. (What better way to symbolize our “movement” than through dance?) 

We firmly believe that what matters most is feeling at home in your own skin, feeling like you’re being seen and accepted not for what you are, but who you are. And while clothing may not be the answer, it’s certainly a catalyst. Clothing that fits our authentic selves can imbue confidence, inspire change, and help us show up in the world at our best.  


Founders Vicky and Charisse Pasche share a kiss before the video shoot.


A video like this showcases the strength of our mission—one fueled by the stories of our customers: 

Like the email from a mother whose 11-year-old daughter found a reason to smile again after discovering Dapper Boi. Or the father who, after seeing us on Shark Tank, reached out to his estranged daughter simply to tell her to check out the brand. 

We've even heard from straight cis men, frustrated by lifelong shopping struggles, and femme straight women wanting to rock their true style that goes beyond the norm. These stories transcend age, race, gender—they underscore our shared desire for acceptance and authenticity.  

That’s why you’ll see dancers in the video of all stripes—regardless of gender, race, body type, size—all dancing to the rhythm of self-love and acceptance.  


dapper boi dancers rehearsing for the music video.


We want you to join this dance, too. To share in our vision of a future free from the confines of antiquated shopping experiences. We ask that you SHARE this video, help us continue to break the fashion binary, and spread the word about the power of self-expression through clothing. 

Embrace your authentic style, feel good in what you wear, and let's dance into a future where everyone is free to be themselves. 


the dapper boi dancers posing for a pic.

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