When It's More Than Just Clothing

Atlas in dapper boi gear. Photo credit: Kori Griffith. dapperboi.com

When It’s More Than Just Clothing

Stories Like These Are Important.

Penned By: Atlas O. Phoenix                                                                                          

Photo: Kori Griffith


My name is Atlas O. Phoenix. I'm an award-winning filmmaker working on my first documentary about my transition at 50, "With Love, Atlas Oggún Phoenix." In the last 18 months, as I decided to transition, Dapper Boi played a significant role in my transformation! Take a look at message I sent last week to Charisse, the co-founder:

“…Your company doesn’t just make clothes for people with curves and a butt. It’s so much more than that. Although, it is catchy and fun to read this throughout the site!

I’ll share with you how I came to shop at Dapper Boi. A year ago, I lost my most significant relationship. Then, after the premiere of my short film, Little Men, I lost my sense of purpose and direction. I also met with someone who had been in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid19. I had to lock down two weeks before everyone else. I lived alone, and was completely isolated. I had a nearly tragic event in my life and came out of it knowing that I HAD to make some changes. I sought help.

As a result, I became aware that I might possibly be transmasculine. While I was searching for nonbinary clothing as part of the change I needed to make, I came across your site. It was the first hit on Google. I was a little skeptical about buying clothes up front, and getting them a month or more later, but I decided to give it a shot. Your website was professional and clean.

When I got my three dress shirts and chinos, I almost cried looking at myself in the mirror. I had never had the experience of seeing myself look this great so easily. The clothes fit me perfectly like never before. I started buying almost every new item that came out from April 2020 to January 2021. That’s why 95% of my clothes are from your company. In the process, I lost 40 pounds, completed 250 hours of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and turned 50 in November. When I came out to my community this past April as transmasculine, I got so much love. The last year and a half, I learned to validate myself, my life and love myself in way I didn’t know was possible. And, Dapper Boi was a significant part of this change and development.

To say I feel confident, sexy, and at ease in these clothes is an understatement. I feel so much more than that. And although I’m a writer, I still can’t find the words.

I can’t be the only person wearing your clothes that feels this way. I want to share this with the world. Clothing can make an indelible difference, just like a haircut.

Plus, the Afterpay program makes it easier to purchase your clothes. Thank you so much for working with that company. In our acronym, so many of us, in particular BIPOC, have a difficult time with daily essentials, let alone buying decent, hard-wearing clothes.  

Dapper Boi means more to me than just clothes that improve my swag. In so many ways, wearing Dapper Boi improved my quality of life. I am more confident. I feel more appealing. And what I feel about myself on the inside can finally be seen on the outside; my True Self can shine! This is the real meaning of Swag. Thanks so much, Dapper Boi!

Take care of yourself and your family and be well! Thanks again.”

Dapper Boi

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