Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Gift Guide

Written by: Stephanie Glennon

With the holiday season upon us in one of the most troubled years in recent memory, it’s never been more important to bring joy, connection, and care to the ones we love the most, especially as physical togetherness gets more and more difficult to enjoy. We get that. We also get how overwhelming holiday shopping is during a regular year; with the pandemic, holiday shopping has the potential to be literally life-threatening. We’re here to make holiday shopping easier, by giving you five of our fave gift ideas for the holiday season.

5. Scrapbook If you’re not the crafty type and you just started to panic, don’t! Scrapbooking requires hardly any artistic “talent” to make an amazing, personalized present that the recipient can always treasure. This is especially great if you haven’t been able to see the person in quite some time; by filling up a book with memories from when you could, you’ll remind them that those times will come again. All you need are pictures, some stickers, fun paper, scissors and glue - plus, of course, the book itself. It could even be a project for the whole family! Alternatively, there are lots of places online where you can make a digital scrapbook (no art supplies necessary), and send it to the lucky giftee with zero hassle.

4. Subscription Boxes Everyone has a ‘thing’ that they love more than the reasonable person does. Chocolate, poetry, wine, YA books, bubble baths - whatever their favorite thing is, there’s a subscription box out there with their name on it. Most boxes have the option to buy one or sign up for multiple deliveries (the frequency varies - some may be monthly, every three months, or every six months), but regardless of how often the boxes are delivered, you can be sure that your loved ones will get a curated collection of goodies specifically tailored to the things they love. Most box companies also have a following online, allowing folks to find a community of folks who love the same things they do.

3. Fandom Merchandise Whether it’s a TV shsow, a movie series, a book, or even a sports team, most people have something they want to rep their love for. Clothes, art, decor, or even toys have become more and more popular (thanks to Funko Pops and places like Etsy or Redbubble), and giving the special peple in your life presents from the special things they invest their lives in can mean an awful lot, especially as we spend more time socially distant and our hobbies are more important than ever.  

2. Future Plans Everyone needs good things to look forward to right about now. Especially if big 2020 plans had to get delayed or cancelled altogether, making new plans for the (eventual) post-Coronavirus world can be very helpful. Investing in a promise to travel, or visit a far-off location, or even coming up with plans for what to do as soon as we can spend time together can be a wonderful gift as we navigate the stress of the holidays.

1. Clothes Sure, maybe no kid looks forward to the big flat boxes containing garments from grandma they’d never pick out for themselves, but one of the best things about being an adult is being able to style yourself and stock your own wardrobe. It’s also one of the best things about having adult friends and loved ones - you can tell them what you want, and be reasonably confident that they’ll actually listen to you. Besides, the people you love know you want them to look good, so when you give them new additions to their wardrobe, they’ll know it comes from a place of caring. Besides, now that we’re all grown-ups, it’s okay to admit we actually don’t mind getting socks for the holidays...or, you can get yourself a gift we know you’ll love, or something you know future-you will appreciate. 

The best gift of all, though? Not to lean too hard into the sappy side of the holidays, but the best present you could possibly give a loved one (or, if we’re beinng honest, get from a loved one) is health, safety, and real genuine care. Even something like a phone call or a letter can brighten a day, and in the time of such uncertainty, it can mean more to prioritize safety than the short-term gratification of seeing a loved one in person. So please - when you’re thinking of your loved ones and they’re thinking of you, remember that there are so many ways to show you care, and that staying safe enough to show you care next year is more important than any gift anyone could buy.

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