7 Reasons Why You Need a Denim Jacket in Your Wardrobe

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7 reasons why you need a denim jacket in your wardrobe

A Least One. Maybe Three.

Penned by: The Dapper Boi

Few things are more American than denim. Apple pie. Bald eagles. The word “ya’ll.” That’s about it. And while jeans usually get all the glory, the often overlooked denim jacket deserves just as much credit.

Denim jackets are cool. They’re practical. They should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.  Some have even said, “They’re the ruler of all jackets.” (We did. We said that.) And yet, some people still don’t own one.

Are we a little biased, seeing as we make some of the comfiest, most stylish gender-neutral denim jackets on the market right now? We resent the question. But, yes. Which is why we’ve put together a list of the top seven reasons to keep a denim jacket in your fashion arsenal! Let’s begin—ya’ll.

Denim Jackets Are Number One. dapperboi.com

1. A Timeless Classic

The denim jacket has been in fashion since its inception in 1880 (thanks Levi Strauss). That’s over 140 years of trendiness! In the fashion world, you can’t get much more timeless than that. Fun fact: Back then denim jackets were designed and marketed to gold miners, cowboys, and railroad workers. It’s actually where we get the term “blue collar.” True story.

2. Goes Great With Everything

Well, almost everything. The only real “rule” we’ve come across is to avoid denim on denim, because it’s too matchy-matchy. It can look like a weird pseudo suit, just ask 2001 Justin Timberlake (bold move JT, bold move). But even that isn’t a steadfast rule. Switching up the shades of denim between top and bottom can be a powerful look and totally works. Much like our jeans, this magnificent jacket goes with just about any outfit. That’s because blue denim, regardless of tone, pairs well with nearly every color of the rainbow. But, we suggest keepin’ it casual.

Indigo Denim Jacket dapperboi.com

3. Super Comfortable

If your denim jacket feels constricting or uncomfortable, something has gone terribly awry. When choosing a denim jacket you should be able to cross and swing your arms with ease and comfort. Premium denim is soft yet strong. Throw Dapper Boi’s signature stretch into the mix and you’ve got one super comfortable, well-fitting jacket. What? We said we were biased!

4. Durable & Long Lasting

This one isn’t that surprising given they were originally designed to withstand the trials and tribulations of 19th century employment. Heck, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some 100-year-old jackets lying around in useable condition. Generally speaking, however, a well-crafted denim jacket can last for well over a decade with the right care. Pretty good investment for $89, no? Just be sure to check the label for care instructions to maximize lifespan.

5. Perfect for Layering

When researching this blog, we were shocked to discover that jackets are most commonly worn for warmth! Seriously, someone wrote that. What they forgot to mention is that denim jackets can be worn year-round. They’re warm but not too warm, light but not too light. All this to say, that this jacket can be the perfect layering piece, whether it’s a cool summer night or brisk winter day.

6. A Variety of Smashing Styles

For about 80 years or so, the design of the denim jacket remained relatively untouched. Then, as with so many other things, the 60s brought about radical change: The Type Three Trucker Fit. After that, the floodgates opened up. We’ve now got tons of fits, colors, and washes. You can choose from a more modern style, or stick with the classic. Just remember, if you want to wear yours on a daily basis, it’s probably best to keep it simple.

7. A Cost-Effective Way to Look Chic

Famous people wear them. Need we say more? Much like Tequila and George Clooney, or Paris Hilton and… whatever she’s selling these days, celebrity endorsements go a long way. The only difference here is that denim jackets give you that celebrity look without celebrity prices. And, as we mentioned earlier, they’re a great long-term investment.

So what are you waiting for! Go snag a denim jacket and get with the times. You’ve already had 140 years to mull it over.


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