Dapper Boi's Summer of Progress

Dapper Boi's Summer of Progress



It's been a bustling summer here at Dapper Boi! From inspirational music videos to insightful panel discussions, upcoming product launches, and much more, we have plenty of updates to share. Since our appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, we've been up to some exciting things that we're eager to share with you. 


A Movement Towards Inclusivity  

Our mission is to foster diversity and inclusion within the fashion world, and we’ve recently had the opportunity to express that through the art of dance. Back in June, we premiered "The Dapper Boi Movement" music video—our tribute to diversity and inclusion. We were honored to showcase a plethora of individuals, body types, and identities, all dancing and celebrating their individuality in Dapper Boi clothing.    

We have also had the privilege of speaking on numerous panels and podcasts recently to share our experiences and insights. We're committed to championing the DB mission of inclusivity, not just within the LGBTQ+ community but with a broader audience too. More panels are on the horizon, and we are excited to continue engaging in these important conversations. 


Business Innovation & Growth  

Perhaps most exciting, we’ve got numerous product launches lined up over the coming months! This news marks a return to our core mission and a push forward with our improved business model. To better serve the customer, we have decided to eliminate pre-orders before production. This strategy ensures everyone receives their products promptly, with a smoother, hassle-free process.  

We’ve also been tirelessly fundraising to continue growing our line of body-inclusive clothing and expanding the brand. For those unaware, less than 2% of venture capital funds goes to woman-owned businesses, with an even smaller fraction of that going to queer female entrepreneurs like ourselves. Some would find this discouraging. We’re fueled by it. We’re determined to break the mold and redefine the “norm.” 


Shaping the Conversation  

In an effort to raise awareness about the hurdles female entrepreneurs face while securing funding, our fundraising journey will soon be showcased in a documentary titled "Show Her the Money." We're proud to be a significant part of this narrative, embodying the resilience required to be queer, female entrepreneurs in today's competitive business world.  

We're also thrilled to announce that Dapper Boi has been featured in multiple publications and news outlets, including CNN, several local news outlets, and The Advocate.  


Looking Ahead  

As we continue our journey, our dedication to creating fashion that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of belonging is stronger than ever. Our mission is resonating far and wide, and It would not be possible without the support of our customers and investors. You are helping us create a real impact, and for that, we are profoundly grateful.  

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Stay tuned for our upcoming product launches and, as always, stay dapper! 

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