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Resolution Revolution

Resolution Revolution

Allie Shapiro
Allie (pronouns: She & They) is a Chicago based writer, visual artist, vegan, and TV sitcom enthusiast. With a degree in Comedy Writing and Performance from Columbia College Chicago they spend most of their time writing and illustrating comics that can be found on their instagram (@allieshapiro). Her visual art has been featured in coffee shops and cafes around the city of Chicago. When they're not creating, Allie can be found rewatching The Office and making crepes. 

(Originally published Feb 27th, 2019)

Can anyone else not believe February is almost over? 

March is at that distance that’s like when you see someone on the street but they’re not close enough to wave yet but you both have noticed it’s not close enough to wave so now you’re just walking toward each other staring and waiting for the moment to wave and when you’re close enough you awkwardly bow your head with the wave as if to say, “well yes this is weird.” 

With March an awkward wave away, it’s also about that time where New Year’s Resolutions typically start to get moved to the back burner of everyone’s minds. Social anxiety is at an all-time high because you really hope your friends stop asking how it’s going because you’ve given up and don’t want to admit it! 

If you are someone who has taken to the challenge of a New Year’s Resolution, I’m here to check in and say no matter where you’re at with it - I think you’re doing great.

I was recently in a coffee shop and heard a pair of women talking about how everyone quits their resolutions and “how it’s inevitable that all the newbies in the gym on January 1st will not be there in a month, and eating healthy is not worth trying because you’ll give up anyway.” 

Not only were they talking at a decibel loud enough to hear through outer space, it bummed me out that they think of resolutions in this way. There’s too much binary thinking involved in how we look at goals. 

Ah, the binary.

I happily live outside the binary in many areas of my life, sexuality, gender expression, eating habits, and the way in which I plan for my goals. I love focusing on the baby steps it takes me to get to where I want to go. I love looking at my growth and I love seeing the small tiles that come together to make the mosaic that is my success (have I mentioned I’m an artsy hippie who uses cruelty-free shampoo and is currently wearing nine different beaded necklaces?).

With New Year’s Resolutions, everyone’s all about the all or nothing approach, and that’s intimidating to say the least. 

If you are someone who wants to make working out every day your New Year’s Resolution and you overshot your commitment to it but found a way to get a work out in three times a week instead of every day, is that not a success? 

Let’s hear it for the folks who took a compromise on their resolution! 

Here’s to sticking to patterns of positive habits no matter their size or consistency! 

What goals did you set for 2019? 

How is it going? 

Is it too overwhelming and time for you to give up entirely? 

If you needed motivation here it is: I say quit. 

Quit continuing to set impossible goals for yourself. 

Quit getting hard on yourself for being realistic about your time management, emotional availability, and physical needs as a human being. 

Quit looking at change as an overnight all or nothing activity.

To put this into Dapper Boi perspective - think of achieving your goals as four interest-free installments of $16.00 for the Light Blue Faded Denim Button Up instead of the full retail price at once.

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