SPOTLIGHT | Transgender Day of Visibility

Heart with Trans Flag

Dapper Boi would not be where it is today without our Trans DB Fam members. We are not just some bandwagon company taking advantage of a movement. We're a part of it. A driving force for inclusion. But these folks, and thousands more like them, are the fuel.

Today is about them. 

Which is why, in honor of International Transgender Day of Visibility, we want to spotlight some of our Trans supporters. Let them tell their stories. In their words. We're just lucky enough to have a front row seat.

So without further ado, Heart and Roman... take it away. 


Image of Heart. Photo credit: @viragoboudoir

Photo credit: @viragoboudoir


Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Heart and my pronouns are he/him. I’m a queer, fat, trans masc. yoga instructor and I hold space for people like me. I also educate cisgender, straight, and thin people on how to be allies for our community. I’m hosting my first Queer & Trans Joy-centered Yoga Retreat on May 7-11, 2023 in Asheville, North Carolina! 


What brings your trans joy? 

I am currently going through my legal name change, and I am just so excited to have my legal name be Heart! I chose it because I follow my Heart, listen to it, and let it guide me in all I do. Even though sometimes it can be hard when I am receiving anti-trans hate and it hurts. I love so deeply, and my big Heart is what makes me be me. It’s why I’m able to show up and hold space for people the way I do.  

So the idea that, in two to three weeks, I will be able to present myself legally as Heart—the real human I am and always have been—brings me so much joy and hope! I also love seeing queer, trans, and fat people relax after a yoga class. I enjoy watching folks find joy in moving their bodies and letting their nervous systems settle.  

Joy is contagious, especially trans joy and I’ve been experiencing a lot of sympathetic joy lately! Despite all the anti-trans legislation and sentiment in the US, I have trans siblings going through top surgery consultations, starting Testosterone, and taking steps for their transition to be able to live their lives authentically. And that truly brings me so much joy. Transitioning is joy! 


How does clothing help you affirm your gender? 

I recently got a bunch of gender affirming (and fat inclusive!) clothing, and it makes me feel so good about myself. I wore a shirt last week which a trans guy complimented, and I felt so sexy. I’m #T4T all the way. To be seen and validated by someone from the community meant so much to me.  

I have also been feeling great when I throw on my new jumper, which fits so well and is my color. I feel so cute and that is such a nice, new experience. For years, I taught yoga and babysat and just wore whatever I could sweat in or get throw up on. It’s so affirming to finally care about my appearance in this way. Especially now that my body feels more aligned with my gender, as I’ve been on T for 3 years and have a flat chest. 

I’m so grateful to companies like Dapper Boi making accessible and inclusive clothing for fat and trans folks to live their best lives and look good doing it! We deserve that, and in honor of Trans Day of Visibility, it’s nice to have clothes that make me want to be visible!  

IG @transyogateacher 


Image of Roman

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I’m Roman Matthew Velazquez Trans Latino male. Father, Husband, and all-around family man. I go by He/Him pronouns. My passion has always been fashion as corny as that may sound! 


What brings your trans joy? 

Finding opportunities to pave the way for our youth. Showing them that our future can be bright in so many beautiful ways, one being fashion. 


How does clothing help you affirm your gender? 

Prior to my transition I struggled very hard to find clothes that fit me. They were either too big or too short. Until one day, I was introduced to a clothing store that had just the right fit and WOW! I finally felt so masculine, so manly. Best of all I felt like my authentic self! 

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