Staying Dapper On Special Occasions

DB Model Contest Winner at Baby Shower.



Penned By: The Dapper Boi

One of the best parts of starting a clothing company, as you can imagine, is seeing people feel more confident and comfortable wearing our apparel. It’s why we do what we do. It’s why we’re always humbled and honored to see our clothes play a small in someone’s special occasion.

In fact, a special occasion directly lead to the birth of Dapper Boi. So, without further ado, here are a few stories we’ve collected from the DB fam we think you’ll enjoy!


Vicky, CEO & Co-Founder

Vicky With Dapper Boi Bowtie.

“Charisse (the other co-founder), and I are partners in business and in life. When we got married back in 2014, I decided to design bowties for the myself and the wedding party. The first ever Dapper Boi item was born. In fact, we were originally supposed to start with formal wear like suits and ties (hence our old bowtie logo). But, we eventually decided that everyday essentials were more our style… at least for now.”


MJ, DB Fam Member

MJ in Tan Shawl Cardigan, Jeans, and Crewneck.

“I wore my Dapper Boi Polo to a concert because I feel confident in it! The stand collar is my new favorite style and DB clothes never fail to fit comfortably.”


Celeste, Operations Lead

 Celeste in White Dapper Boi Button-Up.

"When I was planning my wedding outfit, I wanted to be comfortable and feel confident in what I was wearing. I KNEW it was going to be all Dapper Boi, I just needed to figure out what items. I went with the Navy Chino pants and a white button-up. I LOVED the way I felt in my outfit, and it was the cherry on top of getting married to my amazing wife!"


Jazmine, DB Fam Member

 Jazmine in Slim Grey Chino Pants and Polo.

“I chose to wear Dapper Boi for my engagement photos because the clothes just fit me well. They help me feel confident… I’d say [wearing] Dapper Boi was one of the first times I looked in the mirror and looked exactly as I envisioned I would. The sleeves weren’t too long, the shirt wasn’t too narrow in the waist, and the pants were wide enough in the thighs… I’ll continue to wear DP for special occasions, because I feel like they get me and allow me to be seen how I want.”


Trish, DB Model Contest Winner

Trish in Dapper Boi Salmon Button-Up.

Trish won our model contest earlier this year, but she’s been rocking DB clothes for years. Her first order “was a mint button down shirt for [her] first born’s baby shower. The colors were mint, black and gold and the shirt was perfect… [She’s] been addicted ever since.” A few years later, she wore a salmon button-up to match the theme of her second daughter’s baby shower. Home run, Trish, home run.


Coleen, DB Fam Member

Coleen in Dapper Boi Black Button-Up.

“I chose to wear Dapper Boi for my wedding because they had the look I was going for that took my curves into account.” Coleen’s wife actually wore a Dapper Boi button-up to a friend’s wedding a few years ago. Impressed with the fit, Coleen asked her where she had gotten it. When it came time for them to get married, finding the perfect shirt was a breeze.



Did you wear our clothes during your special occasion? We’d love to hear about it! Just drop us a line on social media or email us directly at Until then, stay dapper!



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