The Game Changer Button-Up is Here!

It's Finally HERE!  $39 Until September 19 ONLY!

This shirt has been in the works for QUITE SOME BLOODY TIME.  After a ton of revisions, we are so beyond excited to get this one in your hands.  


For anyone with curves, shopping in the men's department for a button-up shirt is NOT the easiest process.  Men's shirts are just not made to fit curves. 

Unlike a typical men's button-up, we widened the bottom of our shirts to make room for hips and a booty.  And unlike typical women's shirts, our buttons start up higher, we removed all darting and placed our buttons on the right side of the shirt. 

From there, we added our signature, yet subtle bow-tie stitching and our hidden snap to close that awful gap you get when wearing BOTH men's AND women's button-ups shirts.


Get in on this deal NOW before it goes up to retail price!  CLICK HERE.



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