2021: A Dapper Year in Review

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Penned By: The Dapper Boi

Boi, time flies doesn’t it? With another wacky year on the books and 2022 right around the corner, we thought a retrospective of all things Dapper Boi might be… fun? In order? Necessary for our sanity? Either way, we did it. We survived another year. And we managed to look damn good doing it. Hopefully, you did too.  


Model Contest

DB model contest winnner Trish. dapperboi.com

Speaking of looking good, we were finally able to launch our first modeling contest in 2021!  It was a smashing success and humbling to say the least. Thank you to the thousands that entered and voted. And a big congrats to our 1st place winner, Trish, who completely knocked it out of the park during her shoot! We really do have the best-looking customers. Hot damn.


New Website

dapper boi website. dapperboi.com 

A few months back we completely revamped our website. The new site is easier to navigate, fits the DB brand perfectly, and has a sleek, modern design. We’d also like to give a major shoutout to our website team, Aztech! You folks absolutely nailed. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.


Introducing The Boi’s Club

The Boi's Club. dapperboi.com

Our new site wasn’t the only big change we made this year. We also retooled our rewards program! We call it… The Boi’s Club: The world’s most inclusive exclusive club. The new program includes easier ways to earn points, and even better benefits. Who doesn’t love earning rewards while shopping their favorite clothes? Like Frequent Flyer Miles and airline travel, it'd be silly not to take advantage.


Jeans Still Reign Supreme

dapper boi jean design. dapperboi.com

Surprise, surprise—our signature jeans are still are most popular product! They’re also one of our first. Dapper Boi was born when our CEO and co-founder, Vicky, became fed up with the limited options people with curvier bodies face when they want a more traditionally masculine cut. She was tired of having to sacrifice style over comfort and vice versa. That’s when our quest for the most flattering, comfortable design began. A few months, and loads of test designs later, our gender-neutral, size-inclusive jean was born.


Pre-order our latest batch of slims HERE while they’re still on intro pricing.


Survived Another Crazy Year of COVID Delays

The family behind the family-owned business. dapperboi.com

Unfortunately, this year has not come without its challenges. While we’re grateful our team and their families have remained happy and healthy, we’ve definitely been feeling the other effects of COVID. Like most businesses, the shipping delays this year have been hard to navigate. But, we continue to push on… largely thanks to your support.


Hearing your stories about our clothes helping you feel more confident and comfortable make everything worth it. So, thank you. Thank you for sticking by us during these unprecedented times. And thank you for allowing us to further our mission of ensuring everyone has access to affordable, stylish clothes that fit their body, and more importantly, their personality. It truly is a privilege.


And with that, we say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022. We’re excited for what’s in store this next year, and we think you will be too! Like our new catchphrase… “Dress like you in 2022.” Not bad, huh?


Oh and one last thing…


Happy New Year, DB Fam!  


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