Customer Highlight: Alyssa M.

Alyssa, wearing Dapper Boi, and her fiance.
Alyssa (pictured right) and her fiancé.



Penned By: The Dapper Boi

Nothing means more to us than hearing your stories. We love when you reach out telling us how wearing Dapper Boi has changed your life. Which is exactly what Alyssa M. did a few weeks back.

Naturally, we asked if she would mind answering a few questions to learn more. She did, and we loved her answers so much we wanted to share them with everyone!

So without further ado... Here’s a member of the DB fam—and her experiences with clothing—in her own words.


How did you discover Dapper Boi?

Instagram. I was scrolling through IG one evening and decided to take a look at the website. I read an article from the founder, and I could relate to Vicky's struggles. Finding clothing that fit a woman’s body without looking too baggy or too tight is nearly impossible. I then decided to order a pair of jeans. I’ve been hooked ever since.


What’s your favorite DB product and why?

My favorite are the black slim jeans. They fit so well, and I feel like a million bucks when I am wearing them. The length, stretch, and overall look is perfect. They nailed the design.


Can you remember the first time you dressed against gender “norms,” so to speak? How did it make you feel? Did it boost your confidence?

I was 14 years old. I felt more comfortable dressing in men’s clothing than woman’s clothing. The only problem was that men’s clothes were obviously not designed to fit a woman’s body. I always had trouble finding jeans that were not too long in the mid-section, button ups that had the infamous “chest gap,” and t-shirts that would always rise up over my breasts and get crinkled up on my shoulders and arms. Dapper Boi clothing boosted my confidence.


You said Dapper Boi changed your life. What did you mean by that?

Dapper Boi changed my life because it gave me confidence. I feel like every piece of clothing released is tailored specifically for me. I don`t feel like a woman dressed in men’s clothing, I feel like Alyssa dressed in Alyssa`s clothing. I am wearing clothes tailored for my body so I always feel confident. Buying online saved me from the uncomfortable awkward stares I would get when shopping in the men’s section at a department store. I used to hate shopping. I never wanted to go out because I didn`t have anything “formal” to wear. When I put on my DB attire it changes my mood. I WANT to go out. I WANT to be seen. I WANT to be around people. Being around people is good for mental health which ties into every aspect of life. When you feel good, you do good. DB gave me the confidence to take on a new, lucrative career in a professional field. Who would have thought a pair of jeans would bring me to where I am today!


If there’s one thing you’d like the fashion industry to hear, what would it be?

Hey fashion industry! Dapper Boi has the right formula. Pay attention.

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