5 Signs You’re a Basic Boi: Fall Edition

Four Basic Bois and their delicious Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Dapperboi.com


It’s that time of the year again—the season of flannels, crisp air, and of course, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.  


As we sip on our delicious PSLs this year, we can't help but wonder why we feel a slight tinge of shame for enjoying a tasty beverage. We can't help but wonder if we've unwittingly stepped into "basic" territory. And we can't help but ask ourselves: "Are we Basic Bitches?"


It’s a question as old as time itself... if time started about twelve years ago. But it’s also a passive aggressive question—a cheeky insult—a way of putting someone down for wearing, consuming, or even just liking perfectly nice things that lots of other people enjoy, too.


Call us crazy, but we don’t think you should feel ashamed for having popular opinions. We don't think you should be put down for taking pleasure in the simple things. And that's why we’d like to introduce an alternative: Basic Boi.  


Unlike it's counterpart, being called a Basic Boi isn’t an insult, it’s a compliment, a badge of honor. The term itself isn’t as popular or well known (probably because we just made it up), but it has potential to be ten times as impactful. 


A Basic Boi loves PSLs and doesn’t give a crap who knows. A Basic Boi has a flannel for every day of the week, because flannels are f*****g awesome. A Basic Boi knows that haters gonna hate, and don’t waste energy on them. In short, you want to be a Basic Boi.  


So, how do you earn this prestigious moniker we just invented and you never knew you needed? Here are five undeniable signs you might be a Basic Boi:  



1. You Use Clothing to Express Yourself

A Basic Boi is someone who understands that style isn't about fitting into boxes. It's about breaking them. The jeans that hug you just right, or that flannel that feels like a second skin isn't just about the material. It's about wearing your individuality on your sleeve, literally. For a Basic Boi, each clothing piece tells a story, a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and a statement of, "This is me." 



2.  Flannel Is Your Second Skin

It’s safe to say that Basic Bois know the power of a good flannel. While some might wear them as a cozy shield against the cold, flannels are your go-to for pretty much any situation in fall and beyond. As a result, you own flannels in every conceivable shade, from muted earth tones to popping primaries. This may seem like a uniquely specific requirement... and it is. But we coined the term, so we make the rules. And we say flannels for everyone!


Dapper Boi Model gracefully plays cornhole with a PSL


 3. Trend Shmend

You don't care if you’re a trend setter or a trend follower, because you don’t need external validation to feel good about yourself. Instead, your confidence is internal, stemming from a deep sense of self-worth and authenticity. If you’re like us, then you’ve probably mastered the art of timeless fashion as a result. Many-a Basic Boi’s wardrobe is filled with pieces that defy trends and last through seasons.  

 dapper boi model sitting on chair, dreaming of delicious PSL


4. Inclusive Vibes Only

You know you're a Basic Boi when your squad is as colorful as a double rainbow. The B.B. ethos is grounded in inclusion. It's not just about embracing who you are but also celebrating the myriad identities and stories that surround you. In other words, Basic Bois are active participants in creating spaces where everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, or background, feels like they belong.  

 Db crew handing out with a life-sized PSL

 5. You Do You with Unapologetic Flair

Sensing a theme here? For the Basic Boi, authenticity isn't just a buzzword. It’s a way of life. It's about owning up to your mistakes, learning, growing, and most importantly, staying true to oneself. Whether it's in the way you talk, dress, or interact, your genuineness is palpable, making you both relatable and inspirational. At some point, you may even find yourself no longer “in” the crowd, but leading it—one confident, stylish step at a time. That’s the power of authenticity.  



If you found yourself nodding along, while reading this then congratulations! You're probably a Basic Boi. Now, go forth and spread the B.B. Gospel.


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