Dapper Boi Models in festive holiday gear and DB hoodies with text "2023 Holiday Gift Guide"


Need a little help with gifts this year? We got you. Take a look at our fun (and occasionally funny) gift guide for 2023! 


Premium Tees 

Our drop shoulder tees are not only trendy, they make a statement too. Perfect for those who love to wear their confidence loud and proud! Or if you want a variety of styles for every mood and occasion, try our ever-popular t-shirt packs! There's a reason we always sell out.



Good Light 

Good Light is all about “beauty beyond the binary.” They’re focused on moving culture forward by promoting a more inclusive definition of beauty through product and purpose. Their Microcosmos Set has pretty much everything you could ever want for your skin care routine. We've seen the light and we're willing to bet your loved one will too! (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.)



The Perfect Jeans (Seriously) 

Our genderless, size-inclusive jeans are a game changer. They're what put us on the map. They’re designed to look good on a everyone. And they’ll last a lifetime. In other words, you can’t go wrong with this gift. Unless of course the giftee isn't a fan of perfection.  



Eighth Generation 


This Seattle-based brand is owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe and was founded by activist Louie Gong as an ethical alternative to “Native-Inspired” products created by large companies. They offer a variety of stunning items, like this silk scarf, which mix Native art influences and urban elements to make strong statements about identity. And we back that... hard. No affiliation, we just like their stuff. 




If you or a loved one have never tried a shacket you are truly missing out. Half shirt, half jacket, all comfort. Our corduroy version adds a touch of sophistication to something you’ll find yourself wearing constantly. Easy to layer. Easy gift for people that want something as cozy as it is stylish. Just make sure they wash it every once in awhile, ok?



Rich Gay Aunt 

Our friends over at Rich Gay Aunt are like our long-lost sibling company. They’ve made it their goal to “provide genderless hair styling products” that further inclusivity and create a sense of belonging for everyone. Plus, if you’re one of those people that succumbs to too-many-choices overload then RGA is perfect for you.

At the moment, they only specialize in a handful of products, all of which they do really, really well. Buying them all might be the easiest decision you’ll make all year. 




Multiple Dapper Boi team members pretty much live in our hoodies, including the person writing this very guide. Woah... meta, dude.  

Disclaimer: you and your partner may argue over who gets to wear it most. Our lawyers tell us we are not legally responsible for any fights, controversies, or break-ups caused by hoodie envy, theft, or greed. That’s the power of the cozy, stylish, and beloved DB hoodie. That's why you get two. You’ve been warned. 



Conversation Cards by Coming Out Happy 

Coming Out Happy is on a mission to “help individuals and organizations worldwide create lives filled with passion, purpose, and peace” through various content, events, products, and speaking engagements.  

They also produce a “conversation deck” with 50 questions that helps LGBTQ+ couples go deeper, strengthen their connection, and create lasting relationships. It makes for a unique, thoughtful gift, one that might just change your life.  



Suede Bombers 

Gifting someone a suede bomber jacket is a power move. It’s a gesture that says “Hey, I love you. You’re perfect. But I’m going to help you up your jacket game a bit.” We’ve designed ours to be stylish, yet functional, with both inside chest pockets and front pockets to hold all your stuff. They’re an easy way to elevate style without sacrificing comfort. Offered in 5 colors for maximum pairability! That’s a word, right? 



Dare to be Different 

DTBD is “more than just a clothing brand; it is a celebration of authenticity, courage, and breaking barriers.” They’ve got some pretty sweet, not to mention affordable, unisex graphic tees. Perfect for someone that enjoys a more metal-surfer-vintage vibe. Some of you may also recognize the CEO as a formal model of ours. Shaka brah! 



Bonus Idea: Dapper Stocking Stuffers 


Who doesn’t love a good stocking stuffer? And we mean do mean good. Holiday candy and other traditional stuffers are great, but there's nothing better than pulling out a premium surprise, like a stylish hat or stacked gift card from your favorite clothing brand (wink wink), to really cap off the morning. And yes, we open our stockings after presents. They're a dessert not an appetizer.


Thanks for reading! We hope enjoyed this gift guide and happy holidays!

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