9 Essentials to Help You Transition from Summer to Fall (2021)

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Early Fall = Lightweight & Simplistic  

Penned By: The Dapper Boi

Fall is the Kanye West of seasons. It’s hard to pinpoint, wildly controversial (we’re looking at you, Pumpkin Spice Lattes), and seems more unstable than it was 20 years ago. Both fall and Kanye have also given us some great art... and some bizarre fashion choices.   

But, dressing for fall weather can be a breeze (pun intended) with the right clothing. Or should we say… “Yeeze.” No? Kanye fans? Anybody? Ok, fine. Here are our top 9 essentials to help you transition from summer to fall.

1. The Versatile Jacket

During fall, the nights tend to be cool and the days tend to be warm. Throw in some clouds or a breeze and that can easily change, which is why a versatile jacket is so crucial. For early fall you’ll typically want something a little more lightweight. As the weeks go on, you may need to switch to something warmer. A nice middle-ground solution can be a bomber jacket. They’re stylish, comfortable, and get the job done. Another option could be a simple denim jacket (which we may or may not be dropping next week).

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2. The Comfy Jogger

Joggers have been “in” for quite a while now, and we’re all for it. In fact, we think this trend is here to stay. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable, warm, and look good at the same time? Joggers are also versatile. Gym? Grocery store? In for the night? Throw on some joggers.

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3. The High-Quality Hoodie

At this stage in the game, hoodies are ubiquitous, and for good reason. A high-quality hoodie should be super soft and durable. A simplistic one (without a print) is also easy to pair with most outfits. And while we probably wouldn’t wear one to a first date, they’re great for everyday activities during the cooler months.

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4. The Classic Blue Jeans

If you don’t already own a pair of blue jeans, then you’ve come to the right place. Or, you may have just arrived here from another planet. Welcome! Please don’t hurt us. But, seriously a dark wash, like our OG slim-straight Indigo jeans, is the definition of an essential. Pair it with a nice button-up and some leather boots, and you’ve got the perfect fall outfit. Which brings us to our next wardrobe staple...

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5. The Casual Button-Up

A button-up is always a welcome addition to an outfit when paired correctly. The great thing about fall is that long sleeve and short sleeve shirts can both work. Plaid is an everlasting staple that typically plays well with denim, and fall is the best time to embrace it. For a bolder look, you could try something more festive like our brand-new Blue Bloom Poplin Button-Up.

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6. The Colored Denim Pant

Blue jeans are classic for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect other denim options in your wardrobe. Slim Black Jeans, much like their blue counterparts, are easy to pair with just about anything. Grey is another fairly neutral shade that is easy to dress up. For something a little more playful and bright consider going with a faded wash.

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7. The White Dress Shirt

There is perhaps nothing more essential than a white dress shirt, especially if you prefer gender-neutral clothing. And after the sweaty months of summer, fall is usually an excellent time to freshen up your selection of button-ups, particularly white ones. They’re a great go-to for events where you need to look your best and brightest. Literally.

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8. The Not-So-Basic Pullover Sweater

A lightweight Crewneck Sweater is a nice way to layer up in style. The right pullover sweater can even be a step up from your basic hoodie (in other words… date worthy). If you’ve got some extra cash you’re just dying to spend, you can go pick out a Cashmere sweater. Whether or not you choose to brag about it to your friends is up to you.

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9. The Timeless Blazer

Blazers have been around for ages, and as far as we can tell, aren’t going anywhere. They’re as timeless as they are versatile and can be treated like a secret style weapon. Pair one with a hoodie and some jeans, and you’ve got a more laid-back vibe. Throw on a crisp white button-up and some nice pants, and you’re dressed to impress.

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In the end, what you wear during fall really depends on where you live and how cold it is. But, hopefully this list can serve as a nice starting point.

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