Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Written by: Stephanie Glennon

As summer finally winds down and we’re treated with the beautiful yellow-orange-reds of autumn, we’re left looking at our closets and wondering how the heck we acquired so many t-shirts, and where did all our long-sleeve clothes go?? Or maybe you’re just ready for a refresh with the new season - some folks understandably wait all year to break out their fall and winter fashions. 

We get that. Summer’s fine and spring is good too, but fall is when you can start playing with layers. Which, if you’re anything like us (and if you’re here, you are!), is something to look forward to. 

Depending on where you live, fall can mean it’s sub-zero by October, or that the only difference you notice is that the temperature is finally getting below triple digits. The beauty of layering is in its flexibility and its style. Good layering can not only transition an outfit from day to night, but from chilly and overcast to bright and sunny, so you’re neither freezing nor sweating your day away. Plus, if you’re working in your office, this middle-zone of dressing for the weather will serve when you’re traveling to and from the office and working inside, saving you from feeling like you need to get your coat, gloves, hat and scarf off immediately or you might actually melt. 

It can also help transition from business casual to just casual, which in our changing world can be more important than ever; even if you don’t work in your office, in the time of never-ending video calls and meetings, it can be exhausting to worry about your dress code when folks are only going to see you from the shoulders up. Clothes that look acceptable for these scenarios but don’t require quite as much effort as other outfits are clutch; they gray area of something comfortable, but not too comfortable. 

With how quickly and/or cautiously the fashion industry is adapting to concerns regarding the Coronavirus, it’s anyone’s guess what will be popular in the upcoming seasons. That’s why we’re sticking to what’s tried and true, the classic, the traditional and evergreen. Plaid, after all, never goes out of style; nor do skinny jeans. These two staples alone could fill your entire closet this fall and nobody would think anything of it - that’s how key this look is.

The other fantastic thing about the plaid-and-dark-jeans combination? It looks good on everyone. Literally everyone. We’ve never seen anyone it looks bad on...so imagine how fantastic it’ll look on you. There’s no barrier to entry - there’s a design and a cut for everyone, and you’ll be amazed how together you feel wearing this outfit, even if you and your cat are the only ones around to see you in it.

There’s something to be said for feeling “together”. With fall comes colder weather, darker skies, and in some cases, Seasonal Affective Disorder. And that’s without the global pandemic to worry about! Mental health has never been more important, and it’s critical to do things that make you feel good, because any little bit of positive energy can help you get through the darker periods. The National Alliance on Mental Illness celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week as the first full week in October, but that doesn’t mean that week is the only time to be aware of your health!

If you’re wondering about why we’re talking about mental health in a fashion blog, be assured, it’s not as much of a tangent as it seems. Wearing “better” clothes (or clothes that make you feel confident) is psychologically proven to positively impact a person’s self-worth and mental health. When we’re feeling down, we tend to dress down, because we don’t feel “up” to dressing better - which leads to us continuing to feel exactly the way we’ve been feeling.

However, like we’ve covered in previous blogs, your clothes and the image you present to the world can have a huge impact, not only on how others perceive and treat you, but on how you perceive and treat yourself. Even if you feel lousy on the inside, showing up looking cute can make others treat you better, which in turn can help you feel better about yourself. Feeling cute when you look in the mirror can boost that feeling further, until it’s a never-ending cycle of positive, helpful feedback, tricking your brain into feeling better than it actually does.

And sometimes, tricks are what we need to do to get by. It’s similar to the concept of ‘retail therapy’, where buying new things brings the rush of endorphins and serotonin that your brain craves because they bring the warm-and-fuzzies. Having something new creates an illusion that you are new, and you don’t need to worry about your old problems. And that’s okay! It’s okay to try and cheer yourself up; far be it from us to condemn retail therapy, right? It’s alright to splurge every now and again, especially when it’s something that will make you feel better, long term. 

Being warm and comfortable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, or go around looking like you just rolled out of bed. Here at Dapper Boi we take pride in the quality of our products, because it’s important to us that you can rely on us, and on our products. We want these flannel shirts to get so worn in and easy around your shoulders that you can hardly remember a time you didn’t grab it out of your closet on the first breezy day of autumn. 

More than anything, though, we want to help you feel like yourself - exactly as strong, exactly as fabulous, and exactly as comfortable as you can possibly be. 

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