How to feel ‘normal’ again during this pandemic

How to feel ‘normal’ again during this pandemic

Let's face it...we may all be in this for a while so it’s important that we try to create a new normal for ourselves during this time. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the news (which can be depressing) and social media but when you are ready, it may be time to make yourself a routine. Even better - try to make it the night before and stick to it the next day.

There are so many options, but these are the 3 things that I personally fancy:

1. Wake up early and do a home workout or go for a walk

Keeping social distance in mind of course! So many IG/ YouTube influencers and workout apps are offering free home workouts. Try one! I bet you won’t regret it :)

2. Meditate

There are so many great apps out there like Calm, Headspace and Wake Up that offer some free sessions. I’m a beginner and my mind drifts like crazy, but I hear it just takes persistence and time. I definitely always feel a bit calmer and refreshed after a session.

3. Take a shower & get dressed!

This is a big one here people because I think I am beginning to smell some of you through my phone...or maybe it’s me... regardless, sometimes it feels so much better to take a shower and actually get dressed for the day. Sometimes a shower is all you need to trigger productivity!

From here, there are so many possibilities to fill your day depending on your situation. Before all of this madness, I used to say and have heard countless number of times from others a statement starting with, “If I only had the time…” for rest, time with my fam, self care, etc. Here’s a starter list of some ideas:

* Organize a room in your home while listening to your favorite music

* Take an online class (just found a few from Coursera). Also there’s a website where you can take some free Ivy League classes HERE

* Organize your email

* Find fun recipes to try

* Make a budget

* Journal what you are experiencing each day and how you’re feeling. Who knows, it may be a part of history some day!

* Reach out to your neighbors (from a distance or by phone) to see how they are doing.

* Donate blood if you are healthy and able to

* Relax with a face mask

* Write a blog *clearing throat*

* Catch up with friends

* Take a 30 min power nap

* Read a book

* Listen to a motivational podcast or self-help book

* Learn to play an instrument

* Program your phone to set downtime and restrictions from use at certain times of day to avoid too much screen time. And then set bedtime and wake up reminders/alarms to ensure you stay on your schedule. Here's a helpful article.

* Start an online business or side gig

* Go on a virtual field trip

* Figure out how to do a TikTok dance…I know…I recently got sucked in…TikTok is new to me now too…

* Draw, color or paint something. Here's some free online classes.

* Make your own household products - There are SO many fun YouTube tutorials

* Make a Vision Board and set goals for during and after quarantine

* Read up on politics so that when it comes time to exercise your right to vote, you feel confident and ready with your decision.

* Play board games with the people you are “stuck” with or solitaire if you’re on your own

* Go on a date - Whether it be with your partner in your own home or an online setting. Get dressed for it, play music and enjoy one another.

* Do a fashion show and get silly with it

* Do a photoshoot

* Have a group chat/meal/happy hour with your friends on a video chat

* Watch a movie with some fun homemade snacks

* If you’ve got kids - Play like you were a kid! Make fun crafts, play games and open your innocent, brilliant imagination again. To many of these kids, they will remember this as the best time in their lives because of the time they were able to spend with you. Make the absolute best of it.

* Take time to reflect and give yourself positive affirmations.

* Take time to thank and appreciate those in the essential jobs that will lead us all through this. They put their lives at risk every day for us and do not have the luxury of staying home.

I know there are endless amounts of ideas, but I thought this may be a good start if you’re feeling like I was feeling a couple of days ago. It is okay to feel scared, sad, angry, anxious, etc. Now we must learn how to cope with these feelings and help one another. We can do this and if there is something positive to take away from the devastation taking place around the world, it is the time we now have. We are going to learn so much about ourselves and the ones closest to us. We will come out of this stronger and also with so many new memories for ourselves and for our families that will last our lifetime and beyond.

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