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So we loved the feedback we received on our "Getting to know Celeste" blog, that we've decided to continue on with Q&A for each of our models/Dapper Boi Family members. Most of these questions are from our followers on social media and it has been a blast to think it all through.  



















We've been getting a ton of questions about the brand in general, so I decided that maybe I should be the guinea pig this month!  Enjoy!

Where are you from?  Ballston Lake, New York (Upstate in Saratoga County).

When is your birthday?  August 5, 1982.  I’m a Leo!

What is your go-to karaoke song?  Bump N Grind, by R. Kelly or The Longest Time, by Billy Joel.  EVERY TIME.

What is your Music Preference?  90’s R&B every day, all day.  I love me some Jodeci, 112, Boys II Men, Jagged Edge, etc.  I also like Hip Hop and R&B of today…Trey Songz, Drake, The-Dream, SZA, Lloyd.  Ahhh, I love it all.

Who is your Celebrity Crush?  I only have eyes for my wifey/baby mama…but if I HAVE to put an answer down, I’d say…Beyonce or Khloe Kardashian. 

How are you involved in Dapper Boi?  My wife, Charisse, and I started the company in 2014.

What is your Favorite Dapper Boi product and why?  This is a tough one and I’m obviously a bit biased because these are mostly products I wanted for myself, LOL!  I’d have to say the outfit that I wear most is what I am pictured in…My Indigo Stretch Jeans, V-Neck Tee and our Bomber Jacket.  Of all the button-ups we designed, I am most proud of our White and Navy Diamond Button-Ups because they truly fit the best.  And when it’s a bit chilly out and I just want to binge on Netflix, I definitely throw on my DB Joggers and Premium DB V-Neck tee!  I also wear the black Dapper Boi patch hat pretty much every day, especially when I am in need of a haircut.  :)

What hair product do you use? I have a similar cut and am always looking for good products that give me the hold but also still feel soft and fingers can run through it.  Currently, I use Old Spice “Forge”…it is a pretty inexpensive molding mud for a nice dry look that you can mold throughout the day.  Because I actually have pretty frizzy, wavy hair, I actually use a straightener to smooth it out prior to putting the product in.  I’m no pro and I’m not sure if barbers and hair stylists recommend this, but it works for me!

How do you handle such a hands on company as the one you guys have and devote enough time to your family? (The babies are adorable btw!!)  Thank you so much!  They are little cuties and we are pretty obsessed.  To be honest, it has been quite challenging!  We love them more than anything in this world, it’s just the lack of sleep that is definitely affecting us, LOL!  We know this phase will pass and want to enjoy every moment before they become too cool for us old ladies.  Also, we just moved to a new industrial space that is a lot more private and a place we can bring the whole family.  So just know that when we are packing your orders, we are most likely feeding a baby in between! 

What was your inspiration for creating your products and developing your brand?  I used to shop in the men’s department and I always loved the clothes, but they never fit me properly.  Since then I created a laundry list of a ton of products I wanted to create but made to actually fit a wide variety of sizes.  Right now we are still super small and offer pretty basic pieces where our unique fit is the real focus, but as we are able to grow our customer base, I cannot wait to dive into the list further, along with trying some new, cool designs, fabrics and patterns on some of the faves. 

What I want to know is: Who does your hair?? Love it. (But seriously, who does it?)  LOL, thank you!  I go to a barber shop here in San Diego, called Primetime Barber.  It’s located in Mira Mesa and my barber’s name in Justin.  He’s awesome!

How do you become a Dapper Boi model?  We are still a super small start-up company run by my wife, Celeste (both part-time) and myself.  To be frank, we don’t have the funds or the inventory for more models at this time.  We love all of you and get tons of model requests daily, we are just trying to figure out the best way to create an ambassador program so that we can involve everyone and can grow our audience from there.  Definitely stay posted on social media for opportunities that may arise.  If you have any Dapper Boi gear, we are accepting fan submissions for a video we are putting together and will be posting it on all social media.  We would just need images of you in our clothing and you can send them over to

Can ya'll do a Facebook live video explaining how was the process of creating your own business online, challenges and any advice for the lesbian community?  This is a GREAT idea!  Yes, we will get this on the calendar and let you all know!  To give you a little tidbit though, one of our biggest challenges is competing with mainstream/big brands in not only pricing but in product development, turnaround times and In-Stock inventory.  To be completely transparent and with full disclosure…We are a lot smaller than most people think.  Without investors, we had to figure out a business model where we are able to pay for productions to sell, which is why we turned to crowdfunding.  Our manufacturer requires a minimum of 300 pieces, per product and per color in order to make a production.  With that being said, we don’t get the price breaks that big brands do when they are able to order tens of thousands of products.  This is why we are only able to launch one product and in one color at a time.  We are slowly growing though and we are beyond excited to keep moving forward while doing what we love to do every single day.  Our goal is to make people feel confident in their own skin by offering premium products that truly fit Every BODY. 

As for advice to the lesbian community…Be confident in who you are and don’t let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams.  Life is way too short to second guess yourself.  Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and get after it!

Last but not least, I want to personally and genuinely thank you all so much for your support.  We wouldn't exist without you and we truly appreciate your patronage. 


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    Your commitment to offering these products is admirable and respected. I have 2 businesses myself, and constantly work on balance. I can imagine the time and dedication it takes to keep this machine moving, to consistently provide products that work for this demographic, and be responsive to your customers. Thanks, sincerely, for your efforts.
    I would imagine, if y’all ever thought of selling shares/stock, there would be some in your consumer base who would be willing, able, interested in supporting this endeavor. We can tell your heart is in it, which increases belief in your company! Keepon truckin ~

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