Getting to Know Dapper Boi Model, Mary!

Getting to Know Dapper Boi Model, Mary!

Getting to Know Dapper Boi Model, Mary!

We love our models and always get a ton of questions about them.  What better way to answer you all than to feature your questions and their answers in our blog!  Mary is definitely a crowd fave so we had to get the answers you've been dying to know!

Where are you from? Erie, Pa

When is your Birthday? October 12, 1983

What is your Go-To Karaoke Song? Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot

What is your music preference? I like it all. One song will be NSync , then Tupac and then I'll roll right into some Billy Currington.

Who is your celebrity crush?  Sophia Bush, ever since she was Brooke Davis on 'One Tree Hill' , I can't get her outta my mind. And she has a raspy voice...I'm a sucker for that.

Favorite sports team?  Pittsburgh Steelers

How are you involved in Dapper Boi?  Vicky would ask me here and there to model but it never fell into place and then one day I get a friend request from one of her friends and a message from Vicky letting me know they were going to do a big photo shoot for a brand relaunch and asked if I'd be interested. The rest is history.

What is your favorite Dapper Boi product and why?  It's a toss up between the black jeans and my plaid button up because they fit amazing and make me feel sexy.  I actually also love the bomber jacket. I can't pick just one. Especially when you finally find clothes that fit you right and in all the right places. 

What is a quote that you live by?  You have to love people in such a way that they feel free.

What's one thing you tell yourself before each photo shoot? Shit! This is going to be fun. The photoshoots are really a break from it all. I look forward to seeing all my buddies because all we do is just laugh! And Celeste and I can't be tamed during photoshoots...we get crazy. The other Bois are so amazing for putting up with us.

Do you have any ink?  Sure do! I have a tattoo on my left leg, on my right shoulder blade and behind each tricep.

How many marriage proposals do you get in a week? Ha! That's funny! I would say a few times a week if I'm featured on some of the Dapper Boi social media.

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