Celeste Hair Tutorial

Celeste Hair Tutorial

Looking for a new hairstyle?  We take a ton of photos and we make a lot of videos but one thing is constant...Everyone is always asking how Dapper Boi model, Celeste, gets her hair so perfect.  We had to get to the bottom of this and decided it was finally time for a hair tutorial video!  Here's the cliff notes, just in case:

  1. You will need some length on top.  This can be a pain in a$$ to grow, but be patient and it will be worth it.
  2. When going to your barber or stylist, ask for an undercut.  Zero to one guard on the sides.
  3. Once you've blow-dryed your hair, use a round brush and a thin nozzle attachment on your hair dryer and begin brushing your hair upwards and to the sides with the attachment up against it.  That direct heat up against the brush will really shape your hair.  
  4. VOLUME IS KEY.  Flipping your hair in the opposite direction from where you want hair part to actually lay, while using the round brush, is an awesome way to get some major volume before flipping back and styling.
  5. PRODUCT.  A matte molding clay has high hold and is still super soft to the touch.  There are tons of great products out there, but some of the DB Models recommend Boogie's Casual Hair Clay, Fantastic Molding Mud and Forge by Old Spice.  
  6. Take a small amount of molding clay (about the size of dime) and rub between your hands.  Start in the back and begin shaping your hair as you move to the front.  If needed, you can totally use a comb or brush upwards to get that volume back and styled to your liking.

There ya have it folks!  Enjoy!


  • Posted by Samantha Hagler on

    I’ve been looking for a new hair style and decided that Celeste’s hair style might be the one I am going to try next. Thank you for the tutorial. Also, how does one become part of the dapperboi team? I really like what i see! -Sam

  • Posted by gamesellru on

    Clearly, many thanks for the information.

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