Getting to Know Dapper Boi Model, Sam!

Getting to Know Dapper Boi Model, Sam!

Getting to Know Dapper Boi Model, Sam!

We love our models and always get a ton of questions about them.  What better way to answer you all than to feature your questions and their answers in our blog!  Sam is definitely a crowd fave so we had to get the answers you've been dying to know!

Where are you from?  I was born in Mexico City, moved to San Antonio Texas when I was 17.  I did my last year of High school and College there. I am very Mexican, love my Spurs and do not miss the extreme humid 112 degree summer days.

When is your birthday?  January 23rd and I'm a total Aquarius.

What is your go-to karaoke song?  I have to be close to intoxicated to sing Karaoke. If I want to make people sing along I go for  "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey; however sometimes I feel closer to my roots and sing to Mana, “Perdido En Un Barco” or “ De Pies a Cabeza”  or Luis Miguel “La Media Vuelta” ...really so many to choose from. The romantic side in me comes out with these songs.

Who is your celebrity crush?  I have many… and they are my crushes for reasons other than just their beauty.  Frida Kahlo, Montserrat Oliver, Shakira, Serena Williams, Queen B, Dranerys,  Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Carrera, and many more.

How are you involved in Dapper Boi?  A few years ago I was one of the models at Queer Fashion Week in the bay area. There I was able to meet many designers ready to put non-binary expression on the map. Brands like Sharpe Suiting, Thuy Custom Clothier, Tomboy X, Play Out Underwear, Stuzo Clothing, Nik Kacy Footwear, Kirrin Finch and Dapper Boi of course had one goal in mind and that spoke volumes to my heart, identity and style expression. Since then,  Vicky and Charisse have included me to represent their product launch campaigns. I feel very honored every time they ask me to help them and I am lucky to call them my friends.

What is your favorite Dapper Boi product and why?  Dapper Boi original jeans are my favorite because I kind of feel a sentimental value towards their first product. I love their "I'm Not A Boy" campaign products because I relate.  The blazer and all button up shirts speak more to my style.

What kind of books do you read?  I'm currently going through a career change. I always wanted to be a Pilot and now I have the chance to go back to school and do it. My book selection is everything flight school ️.

Where do you hang out for fun?  Since scooters started popping up all over the city, that became my go-to fun. I love exploring Balboa Park, Downtown San Diego, Hillcrest, North Park, Pacific Beach, and Mission Beach. I love to just explore previously unexplored places, new small businesses and boutique stores. For night fun I like to visit the speakeasy bars San Diego has to offer, my favorite still...Nobel Experiment.

Which beach is your favorite?  This summer I was introduced to Blacks Beach. It's a beautiful place regardless of the reputation. It is just breathtaking.

What's your favorite color?  Blue

What hair product do you use?  I use a lot of Suavecito products and Slick Gorilla powder for texture, but really I owe my hair to my barber, Sabra.

Whats your favorite music?  House, deep house, some pop, latin pop, latin rock, alternative, it depends on my mood.

How many languages do you speak? How many are you fluent in?  I am fluent in Spanish and English. Under the influence of wine, my years of High School French greatly improve.

Do you have any pets?  I have pets by association. Gained a few, lost a few, we all know how it works. Lola the bulldog and Harper the naked dog are my favorite pets of all time.

Do you have a siblings?  Yes! I have a younger sister, who is incredibly supportive. In fact she has also represented Dapper Boi next to Rain Dove, pictured below on the right:

If you were an alcoholic beverage which would you be?  Whisky neat, Champagne or Beer?  Definitely Whisky neat. Old Fashion please!

What are you passionate about?  I am passionate about family and following my dream of becoming a pilot. Staying healthy physically and most important mentally which is not an easy thing to do. I am passionate about politics, our community and craft beer.

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