Honor Your Inner Tomboy

Honor Your Inner Tomboy

Honor Your Inner Tomboy

Allie Shapiro
Allie (pronouns: She & They) is a Chicago based writer, visual artist, vegan, and TV sitcom enthusiast. With a degree in Comedy Writing and Performance from Columbia College Chicago they spend most of their time writing and illustrating comics that can be found on their instagram (@allieshapiro). Her visual art has been featured in coffee shops and cafes around the city of Chicago. When they're not creating, Allie can be found rewatching The Office and making crepes. 

Dress for the Gay you Want (blank) V2

From ages nine to twelve I shopped exclusively in the boy’s section and loved every second of it. I wore a backwards baseball hat every day and never took my hair out of it’s ponytail. My version of dressing up for my fifth grade graduation was a boy’s Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts. Jeez, I was a queen!  

Then came the time when I started seeing what society thought girls should be. The ponytail came down and the closet walls went up. Ah, the closeted years. I won’t dwell on those because let’s face it, too sad and you get it. Flash forward to this moment right now. Writing at my desk, Queen on my Spotify, backwards baseball hat back on my head, and a feeling of gratitude for being out of the closet. When Vicky asked me to write a blog about this limited time jean release I thought first of the little tomboy version of me. How it’s pretty darn cool that I get to participate in the mission of a brand that is making clothes for people like me. To see fellow creators and queers making things I didn’t even know I needed to see when I was a kid is inspiring to say the least.  

So this is for YOU! And we mean you right now as you are. The body you are in, your curves, your dapperness, male, female, gender non-conforming, cat, dog, lizard. You’re perfect the way you are and we’ve got the jeans to fit you and not the other way around. They were not only designed for you in mind but are also a reminder that you’re awesome and deserve clothes that compliment you. Smooth segway to the exciting sell:

We’ve received your texts, emails, phone calls, snail mail, our beepers have been going non-stop. And we’re answering the call. For a super limited time we’re bringing the Slim-Straight Black Jeans back to our inventory! They are built with curves in mind with stretch denim designed to fit all kinds of body types. They run from sizes 26-48 and have an extra large phone pocket. Don’t waste your time getting frustrated in the men’s section. We want you to look down to see the signature Dapper Boi bow-tie at the cuffs and know your needs are being met and listened to by queers who care about you.

You should jump at this deal not only cuz it’s pretty hot stuff (only 300 available before going back to full retail price) but also to honor the little tomboy you were as a kid. I think of mine every time I add something to my wardrobe I know she’d be glad to see me wearing.

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