A little Inside Scoop On Why We Launched Bow-Ties! Happy Black Friday!

A little Inside Scoop On Why We Launched Bow-Ties!  Happy Black Friday!

The Inside Scoop on Our Black Friday Bow-Tie Launch

Allie Shapiro
Allie (pronouns: She & They) is a Chicago based writer, visual artist, vegan, and TV sitcom enthusiast. With a degree in Comedy Writing and Performance from Columbia College Chicago they spend most of their time writing and illustrating comics that can be found on their instagram (@allieshapiro). Her visual art has been featured in coffee shops and cafes around the city of Chicago. When they're not creating, Allie can be found rewatching The Office and making crepes. 

Dress for the Gay you Want (blank) V2

Ah Black Friday, you sneaky feisty son of a monkey’s uncle. If you’re like me and hate the idea of crowds but love the idea of deals, online shopping is where it’s at. If you’re also a queer like me and want to support small businesses and queer business owners, Dapper Boi is where it’s at. If you’re anything else like me you gotta shoot me an email because now it’s just getting freaky.

Black Friday for us Dapper Boi’s around the world is an exciting one this year because we are unleashing five never before seen bow tie designs! Ever wonder the origin story of the bow tie in our logo? Want to know where we weaned our true dapper powers? Here it is - the story of where it all started.  

From a planet not so far away (Earth) a queer clothing line began with suits and fancy looks for the gays in mind. But when our founders (Vicky and Charisse Pasche) went to kickstarter the competition loomed large. So they started their quest for inclusive clothing with something everyone goes to everyday - jeans. From there this revolution of a brand grew to the exciting super power you so before you. While the Dapper Boi stock today includes pants and button ups that will turn your everyday into the professional Dapper Boi you are - the bow tie and it’s essence has remained in our hearts and in our logo.

This Black Friday we honor our humble beginnings and invite you to do the same. Check out our bow ties (super limited batch), stay on the couch, support queer owned businesses, and have a great start to your Holiday Season.

Check out this awesome deal!  Valid through Cyber Monday!

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