Confident in Dapper Boi Bomber Jacket.

7 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

Having a strong network of supportive friends is, without a doubt, the number one way to boost self-confidence. Ask yourself: Do your friends lift you up or bring you down? Are they judgmental or accepting?
Atlas in dapper boi gear. Photo credit: Kori Griffith.

When It's More Than Just Clothing

Dapper Boi means more to me than just clothes that improve my swag. In so many ways, wearing Dapper Boi improved my quality of life. I am more confident. I feel more appealing...
Two People Wearing Shorts on Stairs.

The Best Shorts for Your Build

First things first, the fit of your shorts should not be solely dictated by your height. That’s a common misconception. In reality, there are a few factors to consider based on your body type.
Dapper Boi Contest Winners

Who Are the Dapper Boi Model Contest Winners?

Last month, when kicked off our model contest, we had no idea how big the response would be. We had no idea how many of you too, felt the same about clothes, so much so you wanted to model ours. Recently, we sat down with our three contest winners to learn more about their lives, their fashion inspirations, and when they started dressing how they wanted.